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Man Attacks Girlfriend With Hammer When She Tries to Get Him to Vote

A Lake Worth man really didn't feel like voting in Tuesday's primaries. He allegedly attacked his girlfriend with a hammer when she tried to convince him to do so.

Police arrived at the home of the woman -- whom police declined to name -- a half hour before polls closed Tuesday evening on a call that she had been struck with a hammer by her boyfriend, Willie Armstrong. 

Cops say the 49-year-old Armstrong started the argument with his lady. The fight escalated. And not in the way a fight with your loved one usually heats up, where there's name-calling and hurt feelings. These two allegedly went at each other Thunderdome-style, her with a Taser and him a hammer. 

According to police, Armstrong swung a hammer at the woman and struck her hand, causing a laceration. Armstrong told cops she shocked him with a Taser.

The woman's son witnessed part of the incident and called 911 when he saw his mother's bloody hand.

There were no injuries found on Armstrong. He was then booked on charges of aggravated battery and held on $1,500 bond at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Voter indifference was rampant this past Tuesday. That stinks. But this wasn't the kind of passion we wanted to see.

This couple just needs to stay away from talking politics. When the topic of religion comes up, one might set the other on fire.

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