Man Beaten, Robbed -- And Then Arrested For Pot

Yesterday, 34-year-old Dana Alan Carvello was sitting on his porch in Boca Raton, perhaps smoking a doob, when he was allegedly accosted by several men. They beat him about the head and dragged him into his home, where, according to the Palm Beach Post, the men "tied him up," stashed his girlfriend and 4-year-old daughter in a bedroom, and proceeded to ransack the place. Carvello executed a daring escape to a neighbor's house and called the police. By the time the fuzz arrived, Carvello's assailants were gone. The police made an arrest anyway.

They arrested Carvello. For growing pot plants in his garage.

Though he apparently told the police his plants were "for personal use," he has now been charged with marijuana cultivation and child neglect. The first is understandable, the second, who knows. Smells wrong, though, doesn't it? Even if only when police are called to investigate a violent crime, it'd be nice if they could refrain from arresting people for victimless ones.

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