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Man Bites Dog: The Friday Grab Bag

Nothing ripe on the reporting end and nothing big breaking at the moment so I thought I'd cull together some interesting stories from other places.

-- We finally get a little Scott Rothstein action in the political season with Kelly Skidmore's "Angel of Death" ad on Ellyn Bogdanoff. Click to see the ad here. Does Bogdanoff totally look the part in that haunted castle scene or what?

-- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' ex-girlfriend came out in the Washington Post to talk about Thomas' "obsession" with pornography and his preoccupation with big-breasted women. And the girlfriend, Lillian McEwan, is a former judge and lawyer herself, so she's pretty credible. Anita Hill gets a little more vindication -- this obviously give more credence to her complaints about Thomas' sexual harassment. I just wish Thomas hadn't gotten through those Hill hearings. Lost in all the hoopla about pubic hairs on soda cans is the fact that he's a horrible horrible justice. Remember he was in the (Republican) majority to reject limits on corporate spending in political campaigns.

-- The weirdest part of that terrible story about the gay porn actor who accused of killing his dog is that it's alleged he bit the puppy's ears. One witness said he saw Shane Thompson bite the dog's ear to the point that it drew blood and that Thompson bragged that he'd bitten a piece of the other ear off. What kind of sick ...? And that's not the only bizarre animal story in South Florida playing out. Yesterday morning a Miami neighborhood woke up to see dozens of reeking, decapitated animal carcasses strewn across their street. There were cats, goats, chickens, and a "large animal" that couldn't be identified. Probably Santeria, but how would you like to live on that street?   

-- You have to see the documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money, about conservative criminal Jack Abramoff. It opens with a recreation of the Gus Boulis murder in Fort Lauderdale and goes into the crimes against this country involving Abramoff, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Grover Norquist, and Ralph Reed -- you know, basically the Republican legislative leadership in this country eight short years ago. Surprised Clarence Thomas doesn't pop up in the thing. Or Rick Scott. It reminds me of Broward County corruption only on a bit of a larger scale. Great interviews, great movie.

Inside check out the trailer for the movie.

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