Man Calls 911 to Get a Ride Home

Stupidity isn't a crime, except in cases like Jose Armando Rodrigues. The 32-year-old man dialed 911 this morning from the shoulder of I-95. According to the police report, Rodrigues told the operator that someone was trying to kill him.

After Boynton Beach Police found Rodrigues leaning against the freeway divider wall, he told them he'd placed the call after being abducted in West Palm Beach by two men who threw a hood over his head and bound his hands with rope.

But Rodrigues' friend, Carlos Maradeaga, told a different story. Maradeaga's car broke down, and he said that Rodrigues had grown tired of waiting by the side of the road.

Then police confronted Rodrigues again. The police report quotes him as saying, "OK, I will tell you the truth. Nothing happened. I just wanted a ride to Miami, and I figured you would give me one."

He figured wrong. But the cops did give him a ride to the Palm Beach County Jail, where he was booked on a charge of giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

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