Man Chased From Front Door by Gator

Naples resident Lloyd Tomer had himself quite the trip to the mailbox.

He walked out of his Twin Eagle's Community home to go check his mail, and upon returning from collecting his bills and coupons for half-off car washes, he was confronted by a live four-foot gator sitting between the mailbox and his front door.

Pretty terrifying to find a gator sitting a few feet staring back at you. Even more terrifying is to have that gator hiss at you and then chase you with its jaws open, which hardly ever happens.

Except in this situation. Because the gator hissed at Lloyd and then chased him with its jaws open.

Florida Fish and Wildlife eventually sent a crew to capture Lloyd's gator, which took them about 20 tense minutes to do.

It's believed the animal wandered onto the front of Tomer's house from the lake in the back.

Lloyd told WBBH NBC News-2 in Fort Myers that he had seen gators in his lake before but never one at his front door ready to chase him around and then eat him.

He also thought the whole thing was a joke being played by his son.

"I thought it was my son playing games with me," he told WBBH. "But when he turned and opened his mouth and chased me away -- it just immediately scares you."

It's all fun and games until a wild carnivore opens its mouth and comes after you.

The FWC team was able to trap the gator and lock it away.

NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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