Man Killed by Police During Miami's Urban Beach Week ID'ed in Boynton Beach Shooting

Raymond Herisse -- the 22-year-old Boynton Beach man shot and killed over Memorial Day weekend on the streets of Miami Beach -- has been identified by Boynton Beach police as the gunman in a November shooting at a BP gas station.

Police say Herisse tried to hit several police officers on the street with his car during Miami's Urban Beach Week and ended up dead after police fired more than 100 bullets at Herisse -- leading to 12 officers being put on administrative leave.

When the Boynton Beach cops were reading a newspaper this morning, they happened to recognize Herisse.

Boynton Beach police say they called in the victim of the November 21 gas station shooting and he picked Herisse out of a photo lineup "without hesitation."

A 30-year-old clerk at the gas station was shot at twice that morning by two men, one of those bullets striking him in the chin, police say.

The clerk shot back, but police don't know whether either of the men were struck.

Police say Herisse lived "just down the street from the BP gas station" at 645 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.

The cops say they are "extremely confident" that Herisse was the gunman, although they are still searching for an accomplice in the shooting.

In the Miami shooting, it wasn't initially clear if Herisse was armed while being shot at by police until they found the gun in his car -- three days later.

That's led to speculation that if he did have the gun, it may not have been out at the time, although his car could certainly qualify as a deadly weapon.

Herisse had a lengthy criminal record -- including prison time -- although his record doesn't reflect any violent crimes: possession of cocaine and hydrocodone, driving without a license, failure to appear in court, loitering, and giving a false name to a police officer.

Click here to see the video of the Miami shooting and here for the video of the Boynton Beach shooting.

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