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Man Planted Cell Phone Camera in JC Penney Ladies Room, Cops Say

JC Penney employee Marco Bartolon-Velasquez is facing video voyeurism charges after his cell phone was discovered hidden inside the store's ladies room, according to Delray Beach police.

On Monday morning, the West Palm Beach store's Loss Prevention Officer walked into the ladies room and noticed there was something a little off with the ceiling fan.

And by that, we mean she saw that the fan had been completely dislodged from the drywall. Upon further inspection, she discovered a hidden cell phone between the fan and ceiling. Also, the cell phone was apparently videotaping the toilet stalls.

The woman notified an officer, who examined the phone.

The cell was set in Spanish and password-locked.

The evidence pointed to the store's lone Spanish-speaking employee -- one Raphael Dieguez.

When the cop dialed phone number in Dieguez's employee file, the video phone began ringing.

Dieguez, 26, was confronted about the phone and, at first, swore it wasn't his.

But his plan of sticking to that story quickly crumbled, because shortly after that, he admitted that the phone was indeed his. But that he found it a week ago, so it really wasn't his.

HOWEVER, he claimed that he had no idea how it ended up inside the ceiling fan in the ladies' restroom.

Not long after that, he crumbled again and confessed to taking a six-foot ladder and planting the phone in the fan.

But, Dieguez said, it was totally just so he could monitor his employees to make sure they were doing a good job cleaning the restroom.

When authorities asked him if he had planted the phone in the men's room as well, Dieguez laughed and laughed because peeping on men while claiming to be "monitoring them" to see how well they were cleaning the restroom is obviously gay.

Then, it turns out, his name wasn't even Raphael Dieguez. It's Marco Antonio Bartolon-Velasquez.

Bartolon-Velasquez said he had been using his brother's name because, according to the report, he had been in the U.S. illegally for four years.

According to the report, Barolon-Velasquez had been taping the ladies' restroom since Christmas of last year.

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