Man Robs Mexican Restaurant but Orders Soft Tacos First

According to his girlfriend, Bryan Perez took her car to get dinner at popular Lake Worth Mexican restaurant Tacos Al Carbon on Tuesday night.

It should have taken him about five to ten minutes to get the food. Instead, Perez was away for more than half an hour.

When he finally got back home, he returned with a three-soft taco meal, with a side of rice and beans.

Oh and the reason it took him longer than usual was because he was busy robbing the joint with a gun, according to Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies.

Cops say they were called to Tacos Al Carbon off Lake Worth Road at 10 p.m. Tuesday by reports of an armed robbery. An employee told them she recognized the robber as a return customer.

According to police, Perez, 29, ordered the three soft tacos and rice and beans, just as his girlfriend had said. He took his order and left. But after about ten minutes, he came back to the restaurant's service window, pulled out a gun, and said, "I'm taking the money."

Perez then left with the cash in his 2005 Mitsubishi Gallant, which was described to the cops by witnesses.

Perez's girlfriend told police he had been desperate to make something happen to get money to pay his bills.

Police were able to track down the car Wednesday and pulled Perez over and detained him.

According to the arrest report, when he was pulled over, Perez confirmed to police that he was indeed at Tacos Al Carbon during the night in question but denied committing the robbery. Meanwhile, his brother, who was in the car with him at the time he was pulled over, asked an officer, "Is my brother getting locked up for his suspended license or that person he robbed last night with his gun?" which we're guessing probably obliterated Perez's story right there and then.

Not helping, bro.

Perez has been arrested 11 times since 1999 with three felony convictions. He remains in the Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond.

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