Scharonis Wright
Scharonis Wright

Man Tries to Avoid Deportation, Accidentally Admits to Shooting a 3-Year-Old, BSO Says

Scharonis Wright was an illegal immigrant who was about to be deported back to Haiti: He was wrapping up a four-year sentence for armed robbery and aggravated assault and needed a way to stick around -- so he told investigators he had some dirt on a 2008 shooting in Deerfield Beach.

Unfortunately for Wright, police say that dirt implicates him -- Wright told them about how he and two friends borrowed a gun from a friend and went to the home of a drug dealer who had ripped them off.

The trio allegedly waited for him to come home, but when he didn't, they shot a few rounds into the home anyway, which resulted in 3-year-old Salayah Buie being rushed to the hospital with a bullet wound in her leg.

Buie survived, but now Scharonis is in the BSO Main Jail on attempted-murder charges. His brother, Walton Wright, allegedly admitted to participating in the attempted hit as well and faces the same charge. Maybe saying "Yeah, I did it -- don't bother with a trial" is a new trend?

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