Man Tries to Smuggle Cocaine and Heroin into Palm Beach on Cruise Ship

Back in October, the feds caught a dude trying to smuggle 620 pounds of cocaine into West Palm Beach on a 132-foot luxury megayacht. On Thursday, another dude tried to smuggle cocaine into Palm Beach on a cruise ship.

Authorities say the man tried bringing coke and heroin into Palm Beach County aboard the Bahamas Celebration, which sails to Freeport on two-night cruises.

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According to a Homeland Security Investigations criminal complaint, authorities say crewman Adrian Bradley Trench, 30, was busted when U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents asked him for the papers workers have to show when going to and from the ship.

When asked for his forms at the gangway, Trench claimed to have forgotten them back in his room. He turned and ran back towards the ship. Officers then commanded him to stop several times.

Trench was caught and apprehended, and during a pat-down, the officers discovered the drugs on him. Authorities say Trench had the drugs wrapped around his calves. The complaint says he had 1,043 grams of cocaine wrapped around one leg, and 674 grams of heroin wrapped around the other.

Authorities say Trench admitted to trying to transport the drugs, and told agents that he was expecting to be paid for them when he brought them over. Trench wasn't sure how much exactly he was getting for the drugs.

He was arrested and is facing faces federal charges of importation of more than 500 grams of cocaine and importation of more than 100 grams of heroin.

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