Jason Espeland (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)
Jason Espeland (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)

Man With Road Rage Picks On the Wrong Guy, Gets Ass Kicked

Jason Espeland had himself a case of road rage. And he paid for it by being on the wrong end of a severe beatdown.

According to Boca police, 32-year-old Espeland's 2013 Hyundai Accent was cut off by a white Lincoln Navigator on Military Trail just before 9 a.m.

Having another vehicle drive in front of his on an open street apparently turns Espeland into a raging douchehulk, so he decided to express his displeasure by ramming the front of his Accent into the back of the Navigator over and over again at a stoplight. Because destroying your small Japanese car by slamming it into an SUV is exactly how to get a message across.

As soon as the light turned green, the ornery Espeland sped away.

Not liking his SUV smashed into, the driver of the Lincoln followed Espeland in order to write down his license plate number.

Espeland eventually turned into a parking lot. The driver of the Navigator -- whose name was not released -- parked his SUV behind the Accent in order to call the cops.

But Espeland is a tough guy who doesn't take too kindly to having his car blocked by the vehicle he apparently just purposely damaged in a fit of rage. So he got out of his car to confront the other man..

According to police, the exchange went like this:

"What was wrong with you?" the Lincoln Navigator driver asked. "I'm calling the cops."
"Nothing," Espeland responded. He then started throwing punches. Tough guy.

The Lincoln Navigator guy had no intentions of exchanging fisticuffs with Espeland. But since the punches kept coming, he decided he had no choice.

Espeland kept wildly throwing haymakers. The other guy punched him the face twice. Espeland went down like a sack of dirt. Road-rage incident over.

According to the report, Espeland then curled into a fetal position. But after a while, he decided to get up and run from the scene. That's when the other guy threw an elbow to his face, obliterating any other bright ideas Espeland might've had.

When cops arrived on the scene, Espeland was in an ambulance, while the other guy stuck around to give his statement.

Police eventually caught up with Espeland at the hospital. He then went into detail on how he got his ass handed to him.

"I lost my temper," he told them.

*sad Incredible Hulk theme music*


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