Mandy's A Real Pill

It's so funny to read that state Rep. Mandy Dawson has endorsed Charlie Crist.

"I am encouraging everyone I know to take a look at Charlie's record and reward his brand of leadership in Florida," Dawson wrote in a press release.

Oh dear, Dawson must be back on the painkillers. Doesn't she remember the example of Chris Smith, who thought it was politically expedient to endorse Jeb Bush in 1998 only for it to have nearly kill his career (as it did a few other black politicians who did the same thing).

What's funny is that if you read Elgin Jones these days, you'd think that the black vote in Broward County is seriously shifting to the Republican. Want a laugh? Read this story about "turmoil engulfing" the Davis camp in Broward County. Yes, a major exodus of black voters!! Why he names about three of them, including crackpot pastor O'Neal "Islam Is An Evil Cult" Dozier. Elgin does some of the best reporting in Broward County when he wants to, but this ... well, let's just say that when the numbers from the black precincts come in next Tuesday, we'll see how representative these reports (which the Crist campaign has been posting on its web site) are of the truth.

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