Marc Leder, Romney's "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host, To Throw Another Get-Together for Mitt

Remember Marc Leder? The Boca resident, private equity executive, and Patrick Bateman-look-a-like who loves throwing sex parties and hosted the fundraiser for rich people where Mitt Romney famously took a piss on 47 percent of Americans?

Well, he's totally going to host another event for the Mittbot. And this time, ain't gonna be no secret recordings of Romney disparaging half of America and calling them freeloaders and victims in front of other rich people.

Leder has supposedly been telling donors that he felt bad about someone secretly taping Romney's sincere contempt for the poor, and wants to make it up to him with another get-together. With more rich people.

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Apparently, Leder's been taking a lot of shit from his fellow tycoons about his last event, so he's looking to make it up to Mittington this time around. But mostly, to get his fellow tycoons to get off his back already.

One donor, asked if Leder had been noting that he'd been "taking heat" for the last fundraiser, said, "That was the basic pitch, except the word 'heat' was replaced by another four-letter word that begins with s."

This time around, the event won't he held in Leder's house but, instead, in Palm Beach. He''ll also be co-hosting the event, presumably so he can have someone to share the heat with incase Romney shits the bed again.

And certainly a two-man team will be better equipped to keep Mitt from writing off poor people, hispanics, and the others so that Obama doesn't use that to lay down the smack in the next debate.

Meanwhile, Mother Jones (the website that broke the 47% story), reports that Romney and his Young Ward, P90Ryan will be attending a fundraiser on Friday in Boca. This one will also reportedly be hosted by Leder.

The $25,000-per-person event is being labeled a Romney "Victory Dinner." Because he won!

Leder is co-hosting the event with Mike and Irene Milin, a couple who have been targeted by state attorneys general for peddling "free" government money and get-rich-quick schemes.

It's not clear if this will be the event Leder has been talking about, or if it's a separate one, but it sounds like it's gonna have a delightful guest list!

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