March Meltdown

Yeah, I was rolling along, with 11 of 14 Sweet 16 teams intact until that last two games of the day. Kentucky-Kansas and Texas-USC.

Kentucky, my team, got whupped. I had them making it to the 8 to lose to UCLA. Texas got whupped. I had them going all the way.

So I've lost any chance in the big pool I'm in. But I'm also in a head-to-head bracket-buster with a friend. Here's what I need to win:

-- Florida can't win the championship. -- Either USC or Oregon must lose in the next round. -- Ohio State has to make it to the Final Four and Georgetown and Memphis have to fall before a trip to Atlanta.

There are actually a lot of possibilities -- several scenarios could end in ties -- but that's the easiest way to put it. I know I'm biased at this point, but I think Kansas is going to win it all after watching this first week. Problem is that Bill Self's Jayhawks have a way to losing unexpectedly, like, say, to a team called the Salukis. But I'm still calling Kansas.

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