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Marco Poll-O: Rubio Unfazed by Unpopularity

Sure, Charlie Crist landed some big endorsements in his first week as a U.S. Senate candidate -- the National Republican Senatorial Committee for one. The Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, for another. And there were reports Crist might get the early endorsement of the Republican Party of Florida, chaired by his buddy, Jim Greer.

Oh, he's also got 64 percent approval ratings, plus the vote of 54 percent of Florida Republicans who would vote for Senate, compared to Rubio's 8 percent.

But his underdog opponent Marco Rubio scoffs at these numbers. During a television  appearance yesterday, Rubio dismissed "our culture's obsession with popularity." On This Week in South Florida With Michael Putney, Rubio mapped out a curious strategy: "Everybody's obsessed with popularity, and no one wants to lead," he said.

Except that in this here democracy, you've gotta be popular to lead, grasshopper. These young politicians! Putney also asked Rubio WTF is up with his alarming tendency to Tweet at all hours of the night. Rubio just laughed and said, "This is important to me. I'm passionate about this."

Then he went home and Tweeted some more, as you can see above. Yes, Mr. Speaker Emeritus, the new WPLG studios are on West Hallandale Beach Boulevard in Pembroke Pines, not in Miami.

In related news, moderate-hating GOP Chair Michael Steele isn't quite crazy enough to endorse Rubio, but nor is he in a hurry to give his blessing to ol' Charlie Fence Sitter.

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