Marco Rubio and Florida University Salaries: There Are Apps for That

If the youngsters out there need something a little more high-brow than a fart-noise application for their iPhones, there are now apps for that.

Sen. Marco Rubio announced the release of the aptly named "U.S. Senator Marco Rubio" application for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices this week, and it actually works well.

"I am very encouraged by the level of constituent engagement we've seen this year through traditional letters and emails, but also through our constituent mailbox series, website blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages," Rubio says in a statement. "With these apps, Floridians will have even more tools to help keep them connected to our office and communicate with us."

Rubio's apparently appealing to the younger constituents/voters on this one, but at least the application can actually be useful if you need it to be.

It's got his blog, news releases, stances on issues, photos, videos, his Facebook, office locations, and an easy form to email Rubio. Golf claps all around, senator.

Gov. Rick Scott also announced a few weeks ago that the salaries of Florida's public university employees became public record and graced us with that wonderful technology of the Excel spreadsheet to browse through the 52,000 workers' $2.66 billion in salaries.

Now, while you're presumably being put to sleep in class, you can find out how much your professor is being paid to do so with the "Florida University Salaries" iPhone app.

According to the lone customer review on Apple's App Store, that guy likes it.

The salaries app wasn't commissioned by the governor's office -- it just hooked it up with the huge Excel spreadsheet -- and that one isn't available for Android devices.

The same folks who made that have also had a "Florida Lobbyist Directory" app around for a few months, which is exactly what you'd think it is.

You can search for the lobbyists, firms, or clients in that one.

Now look at all that information at your fingertips. Or just go download more fart-noise apps.

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