Marco Rubio and His "Weasel Words" Angers Republican Leader

Marco Rubio was once hailed as the Golden Boy Savior of America's Grand Ole Party and the next for-sure president of the United States. But now he's suddenly making a lot of peeps in his own party super mad because of all this immigration reform talky-talk.

The latest Angry GOPer is Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California, who says Rubio and his "weasel words" can't be trusted, because that Rubes is just a mixed up kid who loves the immigrants and has given up any rights and privileges he had to tell us all what to do.

In an interview with GOPer news site World Net Daily, Rohrabacher reiterated his stance on having secure borders from them dirty Mexicans illegals, and said that Rubio's path leads to that not being the case so much, and that Thirsty McCottonmouth just can't be trusted anymore!

"Rubio is so mixed up and so confused," Rohrabacher says. "I think he has given up his rightful place to advise any of us in Washington what to do, and he's given up any right to be trusted by the American people."

The main beef GOPers like Rohrabacher have with Rubio's attempts to push sweeping immigration reform is that they fear it will offer a path to citizenship without making the borders safer and more secure.

Rubio insists that he and his fellow Gang of Eight will bring legit border security through their bill. But Rohrabacher is roaring with anger (BOOM. NAILED IT), calling Rubes' promises and big talk nothing but "weasel words."

"This is just a lot of weasel words that Rubio and these people are throwing in," he says. "They're going to legalize the status of people here illegally. Once they do that, that is an amnesty. And once they do that, there will be no border security improvements. It'll all be a facade."


Rohrabacher, it should be noted, really, really hates illegal immigrants, and once made an undocumented female college student cry by professing his hatred for her stupid immigrant face.. or something to that effect.

Rohrabacher is so bent on not having Rubio's bill pushed through, he even wants to get rid of John Boehner as Speaker if it does.

"I would consider that a betrayal of the Republican members of the House and a betrayal of Republicans throughout the country," Rohrabacher tells WND. "If Speaker Boehner moves forward and permits this to come to a vote even though a majority of Republicans in the House oppose whatever is coming to a vote, he should be removed as speaker."

He also calls any possible attempt to pushing the bill through before the summer recess as a "declaration of war" and a "betrayal of the American people."

This Rohrabacher fella sounds delightful. Almost makes us feel sorry for Rubio.

But, not really.

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