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Marco Rubio Gets After Joe Biden's Latest Gaffe

Crazy Uncle Joe was campaigning in Charlotte on Tuesday and did that thing where he said stuff that makes Democrats smack themselves on the forehead.

Speaking of Mitt Romney and how he and Paul Ryan would raise taxes on the middle class, Biden said, "How they can justify... raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years?"

And so, this morning, the GOPers are all over that sentence like hyenas on a zebra carcass.

This morning, CHARISMA-BOY, Marco Rubio sent out a news release about a news conference where he was gonna go all, "Even Joe Biden thinks Obama sucks! Whut-whuuutt!!"

Per the news release:

This morning, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio will hold a press conference call to discuss the stunning admission Vice President Biden made in Charlotte when he said the "middle class... has been buried in the last four years." He's right, President Obama's policies have "buried" middle class Floridians, and unfortunately they have been suffering the consequences every day as median household incomes have fallen by more than $4,700 under President Obama. Voters face a real choice this November: four more years of higher taxes and less take-home pay in Obama's stagnant economy, or a chance for a real recovery with Romney's pro-growth policies that reform our tax code, foster upward mobility, and deliver more jobs and take-home pay.

Joe Biden's right, y'all!

The economy lost 3.8 million jobs between December 2008 and April 2009.

And who was president during that time? That's right! George W. Barack!

We can get into stats on how jobs have been consistently on the uptick under Obama and how the shithole everyone finds themselves in was thanks to Dubya's craptacular presidency.

But why bother with facts when you got SOUND BITES AND LOUD NOISES!

We all saw and were constantly reminded of Obummer's "You didn't build that" comment. And how that was the comment/sound bite that was gonna ruin it for the president. HAHA TOTAL FACE PALM ON YOU, OBUMMER.

And then we all saw how the race was pretty much kaput for Barack the last time Rubio called a news conference to warn the world of Obama's incoming reign of redistribution and the creation of the Redistribution Youth.

And of course, there's that video of Obama talking to black people. RACE. OVAH.

So, yes, of course, a gaffe from a gaffe machine like Biden completely stretched and pulled and tweaked and recycled is really, totally, we really mean it this time gonna ruin the election for Obama. Just you watch!

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