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Marco Rubio Got Interrupted by Hecklers Today

Marco Rubio was giving a speech to the Florida delegation at the Innisbrook Resort in Tampa today, when he was interrupted several times by members of Stand Up Florida. Among them was also former Lake Worth City Commissioner Cara Jennings, who's made it a regular practice to protest Allen West's speeches.

Pinellas County Sheriff deputies escorted the protesters out and gave them a trespassing warning.

For his part, Sen. Rubio played it off with jokes.

You so smooth, Rubio.

According to the Miami Herald's Naked Politics, Rubio was in the middle of saying how he warned everyone about that Crist character back in 2010.

"I'm not sure what he's doing nowadays," Rubio said. "But I told you so."


Rubio was then interrupted by a man who stood up and shouted, "Mr. Rubio, we representatives of the working class demand that the GOP stop..."

That's when boos from the crowd drowned out the protester.

Someone shouted "Then get a job,'' which got everyone all worked up into a lather.

"Get a job" is straight out of page one of the How to Debate With Commies, Homos, Hippies and Other Non-Republicans handbook. Well played, sir. 

"Well, I guess he's not happy with the hotel assignment," Rubio then said, causing the crowd to erupt in laughter and applause. "He's clearly at the wrong convention." And then Rubio brought down the comedic hammer: "Did he eat the food?"

BOOM. Hahahaha it's funny because... the Innisbrook Resort is a shitty hotel with shitty food?

Anyway, that wasn't the end of it. As Naked Politics reports:

Tonya Rosenberg of Boca Raton, stood up with her cane and shouted: "Mr. Rubio, we want you to pay your fair share."

Rubio then asked, "Alright where's the hidden camera?"

We want you and the 99 percent to pay their fair share!

Is Ashton Kutcher here?? Waka-waka!!

[Rubio] continued, suggesting that Obama's promises for hope and change "were long gone." As Jennings rose to challenge him, security started escorting people out. The protestors shouted. The crowd shouted back, "USA. USA. USA."

Yeah, dirty lazy hippies and old lady with a cane. USA.

USA, in your face.

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