Marco Rubio is Attacking Obamacare To Make GOP Forget All That Immigration Reform Stuff

In case you've forgotten, the once the Golden Boy Chosen One Can Do No Wrong Savior of the GOPers in 2016 Marco Rubio hasn't been doing too hot within his own party.

Particularly, he's drawn the ire of New York GOP Rep. Peter King, after Rubio voted against the $60.4 billion in aid for Sandy relief bill.

And then, of course, are all the Tea Baggin Folk who are super mad at Rubez for his whole immigration reform thing, thus dropping his favorability numbers among the GOPers.

So, what's a Golden Boy to do?


In order to get the GOPers to love him again, Rubio has gone all-in on attacking Obamacare with every means at his disposal.

Mainly, the internet and a PAC.

Rubez has been particularly active on his Twit account, attacking Obamacare as only a silky smooth Charisma Boy! can, in 140 characters, and LINKS!

And on Tuesday, Marcoh! sent out an email about his Reclaim America PAC thee-part plan to bring the fight to Obamacare:

"Momentum is building. Every day we are taking new strides forward in the fight against Obamacare. We've known for a long time that this bill will be a catastrophe for our economy, but now it looks like some of Obamacare's strongest supporters are coming to realize it, too. The very labor unions that played such a large role in ramming the bill through Congress are now calling it a danger to our middle class. President Obama's own administration is suddenly shy about implementing it, calling for a key provision to be delayed -- conveniently until after the next election.

But this is not enough to stop the disaster. Only full repeal will do. That's why I've got three plans in the pipeline to make sure Obamacare is dead and buried before another taxpayer dollar gets flushed away."

Rubez's master three part plan:

-Introduce a bill that would fully "defund Obamacare, ending it once and for all"

-A refusal to "support any short-term budget to fund the federal government for the upcoming year unless it defunds Obamacare"

-A constitutional amendment "that would forbid the government from requiring anyone to purchase a good or service, effectively nullifying Obamacare's individual mandate."

Annnnnnnd drink!

Of course, none of this will likely happen. As much as he might dislike Obama, he still is the President. Also, the Senate is being run by the Democrats. Not to mention that people really, really dislike the Republican party right now.

But, at the very least, Rubio is raising tons of money from his super rich GOPer friends, and is pulling the ole switcharoo with the Tea Bags who hate Obama more than they do immigrants.

So, well played, overall.

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