Marco Rubio Isn't Doing So Hot With Republican Voters

Remember when Marco Rubio was the Golden Boy Chosen One Can Do No Wrong Savior of the GOPers in 2016 just a few months ago?

Well today, yea, not so much.

Since taking up the struggle for immigration reform, Rubez's fellow GOPers -- particularly the Tea Baggy Folk -- have begun to abandon him in big ways because he's just not GOPery enough.

As FiveThirtyEight reminds us, the very mention of the name RUBIO was met with boos at an anti-immigration-we-don't-want-no-dirty-Mexicans Tea Party rally in D.C.

And now two national surveys are showing that Marco's favorability rating among Republicans has seen a double-digit dip.

Likewise, Rubio's not so popular any more in recent 2016 primary surveys:


Of course, all of this could mean nothing. The primaries are still a couple of years away, and anything can happen in the political landscape.

But it's clear that Rubio choosing a side that doesn't sit well with the GOPers who disagree with him on immigration reform has hurt him some in the polls. His path to the nomination is not as smooth as most thought it would be.

This is probably all meaningless, anyway. If the Democrats roll Hilary Clinton out there, you can be sure the GOPers who hate Rubez today, will love the shit out of him and want him repping them in 2016.

Because if there's anything the Tea Baggy Folk hate more than foreigners, it's a lady with power.

Rubio should be fine.

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