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Marco Rubio Tells Obama To Act Like a President Because of the Government Shutdown

Marco Rubio, who has been so good at saying what he would do if he were President without giving much detail, says that Obama needs to stop being a scared little ninny, and act like a President during this terrible government shutdown that Rubio's own party is responsible for.

Rubio, who has been relatively quite during the shutdown until Friday, took to the podium to give a speech where he performed his Greatest Hits: "talking about the American Dream," and "American exceptionalism."

He also called the shutdown a "slowdown," because all that WIC help that was supposed to aid underprivileged mothers feed their babies hasn't so much shutdown, as it has slowed down.

(Just kidding. It shutdown)

With Friday's floor speech before congress, Rubio bravely led the way by being one of the last Senators to say anything publicly about the shutdown.

That is, unless you count the time he spoke to some people on his flight from Miami to Washington D.C. that yelled at him about the shutdown.

What a President he'll make!

Rubio went on to say that Obama is using his Presidency as a megaphone to divide America because he won't bend to the GOPer's tantrums over Obamacare.

He also reminded Obama that he is not, in fact, the chairman of the Democratic Party, but the President. And as President, he must stand up and lead by allowing the Republicans to get their way just because they disagree with him on stuff.

Then, Rubio added: "I think it's wrong too, by the way, that the President has used the megaphone of the presidency, not to bring Americans together, but he's used the megaphone to deepen these divisions. You know, Mr. President, you're not the chairman of the Democratic Party. You are the President of the United States. Act like the President of the United States. Rise above that stuff. Your job is to bring this nation together. I know people are going to say things about you, you don't like. It comes with the territory. You've got to rise above that and I hope that he will."

Hey, Obama. You listen to Marco. He's a smarmy, not so intelligent, gay-hating, woman-hating, dopey little weasel who has terrible approval ratings in his own state and who's big national moment was upstaged by a bottle of water.

He's a man who knows all about courage and leadership!

He's a man who wants to take the mantel of leadership from the very party that started this mess and is now inexplicably blaming you because they got their asses handed to them in November.

AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, Mr. President. Maybe you wanna look it up!

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