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Marco Rubio to Say a Whole Lotta Nothing Tonight

As we told you last week, Marco Rubio will be performing the GOP Feats! Of! Strength! as he delivers the State of the Union address response tonight.

And, in a shocking twist, he plans on painting President Obama as a Big Government Spender Who Is Just a Socialist Spending Guy Who Spends Big Agenda.

In other words, the same old talking points from a party that is still severely butthurt over all the beatings it's been taking.

The GOPers main drive is, as David Byrne once sang, same as if ever was... same as it ever was...

Rubio previewed his response for the Associated Press, saying basically that his party is all about creating jobs for middle-class families and pulling back the leash on all that nasty federal spending.

"We don't just want to be the opposition," Rubio said. "We want to be the alternative."

Rubio will reading from the tried and true American Principals and Values Handbook of Free Enterprise and Limited Government, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bash the President No Matter What the Fuck He Says or Does.

"You're usually able to go as far as your talent and work will take you, and that's the direct product of free enterprise and limited government," Rubio said. "The president is basically asking us to abandon that. He's asking us to embrace the principles of more government, more government spending, more government control of our economy."

Government baaaad! *smashes podium*

That would kind of sort of be a nice alternative argument, if it were true.

HOWEVAHHH ... the Congressional Budget Office tells us that all that nasty, evil, no-good big government spending is down by more than $4.5 trillion over the 2013-2020 period from what it was expected to be back in 2010.

That means the deficit is closer to being stabilized than was projected. The deficit has shrunk by trillions of dollars thanks to ObamaKenya's presidency.

All this even with the GOPers repressing every decision the POTUS has made at every damned turn.

And, more important, spending cuts and "limited government" AIN'T WORK.

We're slowly but surely coming out of the giant-ass abyss that the Artist and his GOPer buddies put us in by showing that limited government means letting rich people do whatever the crap they want and going to war willy-nilly.

The fiscal cliff deal is working, and lowering spending as a means of fixing the economy is as effective as wishing upon a falling star for Kate Upton to be your girlfriend.

But Rubes and his limited government dry-humper pals will keep beating that drum tonight.

It'll be RIVETING.

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