Marco Rubio Wants to Make Sure the Government Doesn't Penalize People Who Can't Get Obamacare

Marco Rubio has been opposed to Obamacare from the beginning.

But now, he's suddenly giving a fart or two about people who actually want Obamacare and are among the first to try and sign up for it. So much so that he's introducing a bill that would delay the health-care law's penalty if people don't get it by the deadline.


Basically, uninsured Americans have until midnight February 1 to get insurance or face a penalty. The main problem with that is that the HealthCare.gov website is full of glitches and keeping millions of people from logging on and signing up.

Rubio just wants to make sure the evil government doesn't start charging folks that penalty because the site is preventing them from signing up.

So Rubezzzz took to the Tee Vee and appeared on CBS This Morning, Tuesday, where he said, "It's unfair to punish people for not purchasing a product that they can't purchase right now because of the technology that's in place. The website they're supposed to buy it on -- by the president's own admission -- is not working."

Rubio was then asked about former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's beliefs that the GOPers need to chill and show some restraint when it comes to Obamacare.

To which Rubio responded:

"I actually think this approach that I'm outlining is a restrained one, although I believe that the whole thing should be repealed and replaced. This bill doesn't do that. All it's calling for is a limited delay on the individual mandate until the website is fixed."

Awww... look at Rubezzzz. Suddenly giving a crap about people he and his good-time buddies were trying to screw with their weird Derail the President at All Costs! agenda.

Keep in mind that he heroically took to Twitter to say that Obamacare should be repealed for "something better" and that a short-term budget shouldn't be passed unless it defunds Obamacare.

He also boldly predicted that America would revolt when everybody suddenly realizes how bad Obamacare is.

But now, he's suddenly a Man of the Peeps, looking out to make sure that they don't get penalized for not being able to sign up for the affordable health insurance he desperately tried to keep them from getting in the first place!

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