Marco Rubio's Earth Answer Was a Head Scratcher, Says Jeb Bush Jr.

Jeb Bush's son Jeb Bush Jr. appeared on CNN yesterday to answer the typical CNN-y type questions about why the Republicans are a sad, sad party to which blacks and Latinos were invited but got the Oh, I'd love to but I got a thing answer at the polls.

But the interview got interesting when Bush Jr. was asked about Marco Rubio and his telling GQ that he's no scientist so don't ask him questions that kids usually learn about in the fourth grade.

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Bush Jr., who is cofounder and chairman of SunPAC, a political action committee that looks to attract young Floridian Hispanics, called the questions strange but also admitted that Rubio gave a "kind of a head-scratching type of answer."

"It was a strange question, and I guess kind of a head-scratching type of answer. But again, going back to the Republican Party and how we kind of shape the tone, we gotta be a pro-science and pro-technology party. I think Rubio is just that. But we also can't forget about our traditional values, things like faith and family... But, yeah, kind of a strange response, I guess."

Bush Jr. seems like a smart fella. He didn't want to make waves, so he prefaced admitting that Rubio's answer was weird by saying the question was equally weird.

Yeah, man. Questions that determine a political figure's level of elementary intelligence is just so off the wall! Damned lamestream media and their GOTCHA questions!

Well-played, Bush Youngling.

However, he's still a Bush, as he showed at the end of the interview when asked if his father is going to run for president in 2016.

Bush Jr. gave a decidedly Bushian answer:

"I don't know, no comment. I certainly hope so."

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