Marijuana Bale Shaped Like a Beer Keg Found By Lifeguards

Working as a lifeguard in South Florida is more than just about keeping your eyes open in case somebody drowns. It's also about keeping your eyes open in case drugs wash up on shore.

And, at around 11:45 a.m. Monday morning, Gulfstream Park lifeguards earned their pay when they spotted a giant bale of weed in the water near 4000 N. Ocean Blvd.

In most cases, bales of weed come in square shape. Unless the smuggler inexplicably decides to shape their bale of weed like a beer keg. Which was the case here.

Because, why not?

It appears that someone either had themselves a helluva party on a boat (because there was a bale of weed shaped like a beer keg, you see), or someone was bringing some stuff into town and saw the Coast Guard and decided to bail.

Either way, beer keg-shaped weed on the beach, everyone!

The lifeguards called the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office when they spotted the pot.

Police arrived on the scene to pick up the bale and, according to Police Chief Garrett Ward, the pot was shaped like a small beer keg.

Ward said that there were no markings on the package.

The beer keg-shaped pot was handed over to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

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