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Marilyn Manson Talks About His Role as Teenager in Wrong Cops and About His Penis

When he was 13, Marilyn Manson--then just Christian schoolkid Brian Warner of Canton, Ohio--would hide out in the basement while his grandfather masturbated to bestiality porn. Then he'd go upstairs and cheer himself up by reading Mad magazine.

The self-dubbed God of Fuck and onetime Fort Lauderdale resident is famous for his dark side, but he has always had a sense of humor. In 2010, he dressed up as Eastbound and Down's Kenny Powers for a photo shoot with Interview. This year, he's doubly determined to introduce audiences to Marilyn Manson, funny guy and film geek, by following up his cameo as a roller-skating waiter in Eastbound and Down with a bigger role as emo teenager David Delores Frank in Quentin Dupieux's outlandish comedy Wrong Cops, which opened in New York Dec. 20 and is available on on-demand.

"I can be funny, I can be angry, I can be all of it," insists Manson late on a recent Tuesday night in LA. "I have so many personalities it's like an orgy if I even jack off." It's true: The line between comedy and rage is incredibly thin--just think George Carlin, Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor, or former Saturday Night Live star Darrell Hammond, who recently broke his silence about his abusive childhood. Says Manson, "Why wouldn't you be able to laugh at it?"

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