Marin Stroia Found Guilty of Trespassing, Drinks "Poison" in Courtroom, Does Not Die at All

Last January, Oakland Park's Marin Stroia was facing a divorce filing, foreclosure, and charges of contempt of court when he walked into the Broward County Courthouse, pointed a gun at himself, and threatened to kill himself.

After a jury found him guilty of armed trespass and reckless display of a weapon, he drank from what the Sun-Sentinel is reporting was a "large aspirin bottle" and told officials it was poison.

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NBC Miami has video of the incident, and if you turn your volume up, you can hear Stroia later tell court officials it was actually water that he drank, then collapsed in a heap anyway; also notable is Judge David Haimes' awkward reaction and that proceedings seem to wrap up while Stroia is on the floor.

WSVN-7 also has video of Stroia's subsequent trip out of the courthouse on a stretcher; he has his eyes closed but was listed in good condition Thursday evening.

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