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Mark Foley to Make Film Debut Next Week; Will Charlie Get a Role?

Just when things had finally quieted down for uncloseted former Palm Beach Congressman Mark Foley, here comes a documentary called Outrage by notorious celluloid provocateur Kirby Dick. In advance of its debut next week at the Tribeca Film Festival, the picture is getting buzz for being controversial, if only because that's the medium where Dick always operates. (Past works dealt with pedophiles in the priesthood and a crooked movie-rating system.)

The stars of Outrage (maybe "targets" is a better word?) are bathroom toe-tapper Larry Craig, the New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey who appointed lovers to staff positions they weren't qualified for, and South Florida's own page-turner, Foley. Reports from early screenings are that the film skewers these politicians for rank hypocrisy. I haven't been able to find a trailer for the film yet, but if / when I do, I'll update this post. Here is a New York magazine page with the film's poster.

I wonder whether our own recently betrothed governor will get a scene.

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