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Mark of the Beast: Miami Herald Plagiarized by Manhattan Website

Manhattan news source and media aggregator The Daily Beast appears to have committed a major media no-no. It's investigative reporter, Gerald Posner, has admitted to plagiarizing the Miami Herald.

We know this thanks to some investigative reporting by (Little-known secret: We investigative journalists are losing jobs in droves, but to keep our industry alive into the future, half of us will be plagiarizing articles while the other half investigates the plagiarizers.)

In that Slate article, Posner sounds a contrite tone. You almost feel bad for the guy. And then... Oops! Slate found a whole mess of other plagiarized stories.

From that article by Slate media critic Jack Shafer:

Slate reader Gregory Gelembuik and I have uncovered additional examples of plagiarism by Posner in the Daily Beast from the Texas Lawyer, a Miami Herald blog, a Miami Herald editorial, a Miami Herald article, and a health care journalism blog.
What, Posner? So Juice wasn't worthy of your plagiarism?

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Thomas Francis