Marlene Ross, Boynton Beach "Nude Pics" Commissioner, Has Resigned

Boynton Beach Commissioner Marlene Ross has resigned from her post in District 4.

Ross announced her resignation on Thursday through a letter sent to the city clerk's office. In the letter, she explains that her and her "beau" are expecting a "blessing in the New Year."

The resignation comes after five years serving on the commission for Ross. But her term was tainted by scandal when it was learned that she sent her first cousin nude photos of herself on Facebook.

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Back in October of this year, Mayor Woodrow Hay called for Ross to step down after reports of the nude Facebook pics surfaced.The entire ordeal, it was learned, stemmed from lobbyist and former commissioner, David Katz, who had tried for years to sway Ross to vote a certain way on many issues.

In something of a panic move, Ross reportedly told investigators in October that she thought Katz knew of the photos she had sent to her cousin and was afraid Katz would reveal them to the public.

The State Attorney's Office concluded that no extortion was committed, and the commission -- led by Mayor Hay -- was in an uproar.

Days after news of the Facebook photos broke, an anonymous person launched a Fire Marlene Ross website.

Along with the pics, the website also listed several other alleged misdeeds and bad things Ross has done in her time as city commissioner, including accusations that "Ross violated Florida's homestead law by taking a huge tax break on property she owns outside the city," and
"Ross violated Florida election law by making false claims against her opponent in 2011."

After the mayor called for her to step down, Ross responded: "Mr. Hay, your request is so out of line that you should be the one to resign. As I go through this challenge, the support has been overwhelming and I am very grateful," Ross said. Then, turning to Hay, she said, "It is mind-boggling to me that this man is a minister."

Now Ross leaves to apparently have a child.

There are now two seats that will be vacant on the commission with Ross' resignation.

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