Marlins Land Maybin, Miller!

Well, it's been no secret that the Pulp has long coveted a couple of proven great baseballers named Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin (damn, look how fast those Wikipedians are getting at updating the site). Well South Florida, it's time to celebrate because they are both now Florida Marlins! And all we had to trade away to get them was Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, who probably don't have but a dozen All-Star games and a few world championships left between them.

I especially liked the way Miller, a big lefty, finished last season for Detroit. In his last five appearances, he pitched 18.2 innings and gave up just 24 earned runs. And Maybin, well, he hit .143 in limited action last year. How can those numbers not catch your eye!

And there's more. In addition to Maybin and Miller, the Marlins get four other players. (And one of those four is Burke Badenhop, whose name reminds me of the great shortstop Brad Ballatenmeup). I mean, how stupid is Detroit? We get six players, they get two. You do the math.

Go ball team!

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