Martin Millar, Former South Palm Beach Mayor, Arrested for DUI and Resisting

Martin Millar is up to his unlawful shenanigans again. This time around, the former South Palm Beach Mayor is accused of DUI and resisting arrest without violence.

He'd probably be charged with being a complete douche too, if that were a crime.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office probable-cause affidavit, Martin was clocked doing 80 in a 45-mph zone, was swerving around, and then threw a massive hissy fit when he was arrested, resulting in a self-inflicted busted lip. He also allegedly deliberately agitated the nurses who treated him at the hospital.

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The deputy who pulled Millar over wrote that the former mayor was not only going 35 miles an hour over the speed limit but he also apparently couldn't stay in his lane and then would slow down and speed up at random intervals.

The officer also says Millar was uncooperative when pulled over and tried to keep deputies from putting him into the police cruiser.

Once cops got him in, he began to thrash around and kick his legs in the backseat. He also banged his head, cutting his mouth, forehead, and cheek.

This resulted in the officers' having to take Millar to a local hospital for treatment. But Millar continued his tirade at the hospital by smearing his blood on the walls and over medical equipment to anger the medical staff.

He was eventually arrested and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail, where he reportedly refused to give any breath samples.

Last September, Millar was arrested for clocking an off-duty West Palm Beach police officer with a flashlight because the officer was on a date with a woman Millar had taken out earlier that week.

Millar resigned as South Palm Beach's mayor in December 2010.

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