Marty Millar, Former South Palm Beach Mayor, Arrested For Hitting a Cop For Taking His Date

Former South Palm Beach Mayor Marty Millar saw off-duty West Palm Beach police officer Robert Williams hanging out with a super hot girl at at Dirty Martini in Palm Beach Gardens at around 2 a.m. Thursday.

Millar was all, Hey that's totally the hot chick I took out to a bar the night before, went up to Williams, and clocked him in the head with a Mag-Light flashlight, according to Gossip Extra.

In a voicemail attained by the website, Millar tells a supposed friend about spotting Williams, following him and how the cop was going down for taking out a person who Millar calls his girlfriend but is probably just some lady that went on a date with him once.

Millar was arrested by Palm Beach Gardens police and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. He was released on his own recognizance Friday.

The 66-year old Millar, who is a retired cop himself, apparently met the young out-of-his-league woman when the two began racing each other from traffic light to traffic light, which is probably the most romantic story you'll ever hear.

He brought the lady to a bar Wednesday night to meetup with a few friends, only to spot her at another bar with another dude the following night.

In the alleged voicemail, Millar says:

"It's Marty . . . I followed the motherfucker. He's in a lot of fucking trouble . . . He's at Dirty Martini in the Gardens . . . You better call him and tell him he'd better surrender my girlfriend . . . I want to kill this motherfucker. I'm telling you right now, he's on my bad list . . . He fucked me . . . You just don't do that to a fellow officer . . . The last thing you do is to fuck with someone else's girlfriend or wife . . . He's a dick bag . . . I'll take him down if I catch the motherfucker. He's going down!"

Moments later, Millar allegedly hit the officer with a flashlight, sticking to his word of taking a motherfucker down.

Marty must have been a terrific mayor being a guy who is so thorough in keeping his promises and all.


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