Maucker Basks In Tinsel-Town Glow

The poor Sun-Sentinel. It hosts a big Hollywood movie based on a columnist's dog and all it gets is scooped over and over about it. broke the story of Owen Wilson's recent visit to the newsroom. The Miami Herald broke the story about the filming going on at Nick's on Hollywood Beach. And yesterday, the Pulp did a ditty about filming starting at the Sentinel.

This morning, though, the newspaper's John Tanasychuk wrote up the story on the newsroom-turned-movie-set pretty well, including anecdotes about Harriet Johnson Brackey being removed from her desk and someone from the film crew unplugging Jon Burstein's computer to charge up their cell phone (how Hollywood is that?). The newspaper is basically promoting the movie at this point (c'mon, "Owen and Luke Wilson: A Life in Pictures"?), but the best of all was the photograph in the newspaper of director David Frankel looking at dailies (I guess) with Earl Maucker behind him with earphones around his neck looking like a boy at his first big league baseball game. Hey, with the news biz the way it is, can't blame him to escape into la-la land can you?

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