Mayor Manny Busts Obama With Scatological Humor

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz is the president of some mayor's only fraternity and like everyone else this holiday season, he has a wish list he's sending to Barack Hussein Santa Claus Obama.

When it comes to Broward, Manny's got shit on his mind. Specifically, the "treated" sewage that Hollywood is currently dumping into the ocean. For only $92.8 million in federal funds, says Diaz, Hollywood will actually abide by Florida environmental laws. A bargain! (Hollywood promises that this time it will not blow all its money on building forever-empty condo towers.)

That's only the most expensive slice of the $977 million that Diaz has asked for on behalf of Broward communities. Does that include the bailout of our crumbling, borderline bankrupt school district? Of course not!

And now what can Browardians pawn in exchange for these goodies? I dunno. Maybe Mel Martinez's U.S. Senate seat?

-- Thomas Francis

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