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Mayor Mara: I had no responsibility for Arts Park

I don't get the big deal over the Scooter Libby thing. George W. Bush said from the beginning that if he found the leaker, they would be "taken care of." He's taking care of Libby right now, just as originally promised. And well, too. Read Larry Lipman's piece in the Palm Beach Post on Robert Wexler's attempt to censure the president here.

Speaking about abuse of power, what about that Mara Giulianti? The Hollywood mayor who tried to hide the costs of the Arts Park project from the public is now saying she has no responsibility when it comes to the city's budget. When city activist Sula Miller, responding to this article in the Sun-Sentinel, wrote a letter to commissioners complaining that taxpayers were being "fleeced" by the spiraling cost of the Arts Park, Mayor Mara replied with this e-mail:

From: [email protected] Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 16:55:31 -0400 To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Hollywood CRA Redevelopment Overages and Accountability

Dear Ms. Miller: The City Manager prepared an OpEd response to the outrageous and fallacious Sun-Sentinel article about the Arts Park. I, as Mayor, had no administrative responsibility and/or authority over the building of the park. Full disclosure was and is being made every step of the way, with public meetings, public votes (of the entire Commission), and published articles both for the Arts Park and the beach detailing every cost and project or estimated cost. Unfortunately, building costs have risen all over the country.


See? Mara had nothing to do with it, administratively speaking. She just works there.

After the jump: Miller's Letter To Mara Et Al

Dear Hollywood Commissioners,

Again I was saddened but certainly not surprised to learn of the horrific overages on building the the Arts Park on Hollywood's Young Circle. When will we demand that our mayor be forthcoming and accountable for overages and bad decision making. Is there no law that can be enforced! (Article has been provided below.)

I personally can attest the the new Hollywood slogan " you more of what you want" is certainly not how I, and many friends and neighbors in Hollywood, feel about all the construction going on in our city. Turning our fine neighborhood into a concrete jungle is not what many of us would like to see. And it is obvious that the CRA redevelopment on the boardwalk will also go way over budget. In my opinion, a quick re-pavement and facelift for the businesses on boardwalk would have been much more cost effective and beneficial to the areas businesses. It seems that the middle class will not only foot the bill as our taxes and insurance rates go up but will eventually be pushed out of our own neighborhood after we have been fleeced. And while I'm at it, what about the beach height limitations. How is that all these high-rise condominiums continue to go up when we have laws and ordinances put forth I understand by Mara Giulianti during her previous terms. Do they not matter anymore? Do we not care that the sun will no longer shine on the beach in the afternoon? Or that most of the public bathroom have been taken down? Where are people to go? Oh yeah that is what the ocean is for, huh??? And by the way, when all this building is done and all these people have moved in with their many automobiles how will this small barrier island be able to handle the traffic let alone an evacuation during hurricane season?

I implore you, please demand full disclosure now and always, not only on the Arts Park but on the Boardwalk as well and all city business. And if there is no compliance, please hold the people in power accountable by the letter of the law. Your immediate action will be noted and much appreciated.

Sincerely yours, Sula Miller

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