Mayor Mara: Immune From Justice!

For all of you out there waiting for Mayor Mara Giulianti to get charged in the Hollwood sludge case with her buddy Keith Wasserstrom, well, you're going to have a long wait. You know, like, eternity. According to a good source, prosecutors subpoenaed both Giulianti and her son, Stacey Giulianti, to give depositions in the case against Wasserstrom. With those subpoenas came automatic immunity.

I've asked SAO spokesman Ron Ishoy to confirm it and he told me he's checking it out. [ADDED: Ishoy got back to me after speaking with SAO corrupion chief Tim Donnelly. Here is Ishoy's enigmatic response: "As for your question, Tim Donnelly says you'll have to reach your own conclusion in the discovery documents." Those documents, seven boxes of them, are expected to be released in the next week or so.]

If this info holds up, and I believe it will, then no matter what those e-mails say, no matter what she wrote in her Facets in the Diamond column, no matter how damning the evidence is that will surely pile up against her, Mayor Mara's gonna walk .

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