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Mayor: Stop The Impostor on the Pulp

It's a slow news day and a busy morning, working on Ceasar series, so this gets the light of day on the mainframe.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler emailed this to me: "Please remove any and all blog posts that claim to be from me. I am helping my 12 year old daughter prepare for a science test, and several people have notified me that somebody is posting under my name. Thanks."

OK, first of all, what does the science test have to do with anything? I'll tell you what that is about: Seiler doesn't want anybody to think that he actually reads the blogs, and that was something of an alibi. There's nothing so wrong with blog denial, though. A lot of closeted blog readers live alone with their secret. Someday, hopefully, they will all come out to the world -- and to the blog.

Onto the business at hand. In the comments in the previous post,  a "Jack Seiler" did indeed post comments, but no reasonable person would ever think they came from the real Jack Seiler. They might as well have said "Newt Gingrich" or "Michael Dukakis."

When public officials comment here under their own names, which has happened on several occasions, it's obvious when it's genuine. They are all business and make a point that is clearly in their interest to make. Coming on here and talking about DF3 and "Chazzer" doesn't come close. So I'm not going to remove the comments.

That said, the "Jack Seiler" poster is blurring the line a little. Often commenters will put "Fake" in front of the name of the official they are mocking, and when the oft-profane "Al Lamdirti" posts, nobody can make a mistake. With the artful "Dead Norm Abramowitz," there is no gray area.

So I would just ask that our own Jack Seiler get a bit more creative -- and anyone harebrained enough to think that that was the real mayor... it wasn't.

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