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Medical Examiner Dis-Graces County on Nancy Show

Nancy Grace claims to be all about victims, but last night, the HLN crime-show host did the victimizing.

And who was there to add fuel to her idiotic fire? None other than Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper, who is still out hawking his Anna Nicole Smith on the news circuit.

Grace wildly sensationalized the story of a 22-year-old Kentucky woman named Daniela Gaskie who apparently got blind drunk and lashed out in violent fashion a couple of weeks ago. Gaskie, who'd never been in trouble before, allegedly jabbed a shopkeeper in the neck with an ink pen and then physically attacked a woman across the street. Police said she was so drunk that she didn't know who she was.

Because Gaskie happened to be a Miss Kentucky Latina pageant winner (I know, I never heard of that either), Grace took the opportunity to go off on the "beauty queen goes berzerk" theme, making assumptions about the woman "having everything anyone could want" and totally exaggerating what happened. The host sneered and snickered at Gaskie and decried the fact that she was allowed out of jail at all.

Gaskie did wrong, but she's a girl who had one bad day and didn't deserve a 30-minute national television beatdown. It was just so damned ... mean. Look inside to see a video sample of the show, including Perper's ridiculous cameo.

Here's the video:

Even the headline, "beauty queen... stabs man, bites woman," was wrong. Gaskie never actually bit the victim (though she tried). At one point, Grace said that Gaskie had "literally beat [the victim] to a pulp," when it was clear she had suffered only a bruise and a couple of cuts. That's giving pulp a bad name.

Then we have Perper, who says, "It's clear to me that the most likely possibility is that she is was on some kind of stimulant drug, not just alcohol... This was totally illogical."

It's bad enough that Perper gives credence to this garbage, but what kind of public medical examiner gets on TV and starts speculating with no facts about a defendant using drugs in a criminal case? How unprofessional is that?

Understand that this guy is the second-highest-paid employee in Broward County government (he makes $270,000 a year and was the highest-paid until Bertha Henry recently got a raise to $301,000). Shouldn't he be earning all that taxpayers' money instead of appearing on bad television hawking his stupid book? And remember it was Perper who determined that Bernice Novack, the former queen of the Fountainebleu Hotel, basically fell to death on accident after she was brutally murdered at her home. It was easily one of the the worst autopsy rulings in the history of American law enforcement. And that's no exaggeration.

And you wonder why people don't take Broward County seriously?

UPDATED: I spoke with Dr. Perper this afternoon and will post what he said on a later post, possibly in the morning. Busy day tomorrow, by the way. Got the Debra Villegas sentencing to watch.

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