Commissioner Dotty Ross was M.I.A. when the time came to vote.EXPAND
Commissioner Dotty Ross was M.I.A. when the time came to vote.
Photo: Hallandale Beach

Meeting on Hallandale City Manager's Fate Canceled After Mayoral No-Show

Just 24 hours after calling a special meeting to discuss the employment of the city manager, Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper helped cause the cancellation of that meeting by failing to attend.

The special meeting was scheduled for 10:30 this morning, but Cooper wasn't present. Nor was the man of the hour, City Manager Mike Good. Since commissioners Dotty Ross and Keith London also didn't attend, the meeting lacked a quorum.

So far only London has come forward to offer an explanation. In a phone conversation this morning, the commissioner told Juice three weeks ago he scheduled a trip to Washington D.C. His flight left Thursday and he remains there today.

London has questions of his own. "Where's Dotty Ross?" he asks. "Where's Mike Good?"

At the moment, there's particular intrigue about Ross' whereabouts. The elderly commissioner was expected to oppose any effort to oust Good, if it came to that. A source tells Juice that though Ross wasn't at the meeting, her car was seen at City Hall. (I hope to get that photo evidence and will post later if I do.)

Cooper's absence is just as puzzling. If she really wanted to have a special meeting, why couldn't she have scheduled it for a time when she could attend?

"If I was calling a special meeting of this magnitude, I would certainly make sure that I was in town," says London, who doesn't know Cooper's reasons for missing the meeting.

Cooper, who called in to the meeting, did not immediately return a message asking for an explanation.

Yesterday Juice broke the news about the special meeting's being scheduled. Check out that post here if you want a quick primer on why Good has come under fire.


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