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Meeting With "Boss Lady" From Myspace Costs Local Man His Pants

I will leave you to speculate as to the reasons that Samuel Presendieu was meeting a woman he had met on Myspace and knew only as "Boss Lady" this past Friday night in Boynton Beach.

The police report says Presendieu, 23, was sitting in the front seat of his Grand Marquis with Boss Lady. It mentions nothing about the conversation or activity in which these two were engaged. Whatever it was, a friend of Boss Lady's, seated in the back seat of the Marquis, interrupted the encounter by pointing a handgun at Presendieu. The woman then bade Presendieu to drive from North Seacrest Boulevard to the 300 block of NE 7th Avenue in Boynton Beach, where according to the police report, a group was eagerly awaiting the threesome's arrival:

The females then exited the car and several black males then converged on the victim with handguns and robbed the victim of his pants, which contained $300 in cash, a Metro PCS phone and a Florida driver's license.
Boss Lady and the gang vanished into the night, but not before our de-pantsed hero could alert the police and pluck out her Myspace profile, which just happened to include a photo of the gun-wielding woman in the backseat: Trinikiea Trincecie Cain, age 19, was arrested today and charged with armed robbery.

Boss Lady's true identity, according to the Boynton Police, is Tanisha Frazier. She told police that though she was in the car with Presendieu, she had no involvement in the robbery.

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