Memorial Day Weekend By the Numbers: Underage Boozers and Drunk Drivers

Uh. Day Two of this short week just might be harder to get through than Tuesday. Right? After that glorious three-day weekend, it's a death march just getting back into the everyday swing. Powering on the ol' desktop, pouring a cup of the office black-tar coffee, buttoning the cardigan against the sub-zero blast coming out of the ceiling vent -- and just 48 hours back you were beer-bonging Schlitz on the foredeck of a buddy's fishing boat, no cares, no concerns.

But as hard as this first official week of summer is for you and me, the people really hurting today are the ones who ended up as statistics this weekend for the police - the busted, cited, slammer-bound.

Out in Palm Beach County, the Sheriff has crunched the hard numbers on this weekend's ne're-do-wells.

All in all, it was a quiet weekend. According to the office, over the course of the weekend, PBSO busted 8 young ones for partaking in adult beverages when they shouldn't have; arrested seven adults for getting behind the wheel after knocking back an inappropriate amount of booze; assisted with 13 other DUIs; and had one other arrest for a felony. Saturday saw the heaviest action all weekend.

The heaviest policework was done in the area of enforcement. PBSO's numbers show it's ranks were busy filling up ticket books. Over the weekend, they racked up 127 boating citations after conducting 722 inspections. The office also dished out 205 written warnings, as well as 282 verbal.

We've sent a request to the Broward Sheriff's Office for their own stack of numbers on the weekend's activity. We'll update with more info when it comes in. Otherwise, you better just grit those teeth, clench that cardigan, and get back to work.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.