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"Meter Maid" Turns Tables on Cops' Illegal Courthouse Parking

We'll have more on that later. UPDATE: I'm posting prices in the comments as I learn them from reader Jay, the Pulp's man on the ground. Biggest ticket item to go yet: The 2008 Bugatti Veyron is up for bid right now, and it's going very slow. At this very moment (1:34 p.m.), the bid is $847,000.

UPDATEII: The Bugatti went for $858,000. There are still a few more items left, but after it went, people started streaming out like it was the end of a movie, reports my source.

UPDATE III: The Princess Kimberly went for $2,510,000. And we just had a Moe Sohail sighting, though we don't think he bought anything.

Also Green Now, that garbage dump that was shot down in Sunrise, is suing the city. It's a crybaby lawsuit filed by veteran municipal attorney Richard Coker. Maybe more on that later.

But the most interesting development of the day is the emergence of someone called "Meter Maid" who set out on a mission to expose the hypocrisy of police writing parking tickets around the Broward County Courthouse when they routinely park in illegal places all the time. Here's what Meter Maid wrote to me:

"In my travels around the courthouse, I took several pictures of police vehicles illegally parked.  I did this because I received a ticket for parking too close to a stop sign. I did not know there was such a law."

Meter Maid cleaned up, snapping no fewer than 33 incriminating shots. You can see a smattering of them after the jump, including a couple of police parking jobs you have to see to believe. 




Busted. I'm often tempted to park in that spot too, but I know my car would get towed in 12 seconds.


I like this one. Not only is the car illegally parked but it's up on the sidewalk as well. MM got quite a few shots of Fort Lauderdale police cruisers, but the offenders came from all sorts of departments. Like FHP.



And of course BSO. 


But the award for most blatantly illegal parking job by any law enforcement agency has to go to the Hollywood Police Department, which just suffered the arrest of two of its officers for falsifying reports to hide a police-caused crash involving a cruiser.



It's parked on a one-way street (by the Daily Grind) facing the wrong way in a totally illegal spot. It's just totally in your face.







There are many more, but you get the picture. Part of me wants to cut them a break because they're on official business and all (or so we hope). But then you realize: Ticketing civilians while looking the other way for cops is flat wrong and makes a mockery of the law itself. Nobody should be allowed to do that. Once you start down that road, you're not sure where it will ever end.

Nice work, Meter Maid.

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