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Miami Developer Nabbed For Crotch Grab

The New York Daily News is reporting that Miami megadeveloper Thomas Kramer was arrested at a Big Apple party over the weekend for grabbing a 13-year-old boy's crotch (and apparently trying to give him a simultaneous high five). Said one Ben Widdicombe's sources, "That's his thing -- grabbing people's crotches."

Yes, but to mix a crotch grab with a high five? That's just bad form. Pick one bonding gesture at a time, dude. Check out his supposed MySpace page -- he's apparently online right now, so, if you're very very lucky, you can message him live. It says he's working on a reality TV show, so maybe his interlude was captured on videotape. Here's what Widdicombe wrote in his column this morning:

Thomas Kramer is a millionaire Miami property developer with a reputation in those parts for being something of a jerk.

Jeffrey J. Steiner is the gazillionaire chairman and CEO of Fairchild Corp. Guests at his glittering 70th birthday party at the Rainbow Room on Saturday included Ivana Trump, Denise Rich and Carl Icahn.

The NYPD is a local law enforcement agency which arrested Kramer during the party for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in the men's room.

"The police officer [was] informed by the victim that the incident transpired in the rest room, where the defendant

grabbed the victim's groin area and stated 'high five!'" an NYPD spokesman told us.

The arrest occurred on the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza around 11:35 p.m. The police report said Kramer was charged with "endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse in the second degree and forcible touching."

A Miami friend of mine was not in the least surprised by this development. "That's his thing - grabbing crotches," she said.

Kramer (who says he's 39 on his MySpace page, but turns 50 this month, according to the police report) has had rape charges against him dropped in the past. He is also notorious in Miami for an incident in which he threw a glass of wine in a homeless man's face.

The South Pointe developer was released without bail and has a May 3 court date.

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