Miami Dolphins Bidding to Host Super Bowl in 2018

Fresh off their defeat in trying to get public funds to renovate their stadium, the Miami Dolphins are planning to throw their hat into the ring and bid for the 2018 Super Bowl. It's that kind of up and attem! attitude that's made this football franchise the perpetual 7-9 denizens of mediocrity for the past decade!

According to the Miami Herald, Stephen Ross and the Dolphins have formally applied to host Super Bowl 52 (or whatever the Roman-numeral equivalent of "52" is) at this week's NFL fall meetings.

Of course, Miami won't be the only team applying to be a part of the bid. At least 12 other teams will be trying to box out their spot in the always coveted honor of being a Super Bowl host.

In the past, these things would come down to a handful of warm-weather cities, such as Miami, San Diego, Tampa, and Dallas. But with this year's Super Bowl being played in New York, it seems like any city can be picked, regardless of its location, as long as it presents a convincing bid.

Of course, if this year's Super Bowl is played in subzero temperatures in a blinding blizzard -- which is always a possibility with a northeastern city in February -- that could bode well for Miami, which has to deal only with the occasional shower during that time of year.

Here's to hoping New York resembles Antarctica in February.

The Dolphins recently lost bids to San Francisco and Houston for Super Bowls in 2016 and 2017.

Ross blamed this on a crappy stadium that needs renovating and asked taxpayers to pick up the $400 million tab to get it fixed up.

But Ross ain't no quitter. He's a man who is stuck in his ways (why, look at how he keeps a perpetually failing general manager around. THAT'S SOME STICK-TO-ATIVE-NESS!).

Even with lawmakers refusing to bring the stadium renovation to a vote, Ross is insisting he'll throw in $350 million to any renovation they make, as long as the public picks up the rest. To his credit, that is a big slice of the pie. But, still... the Marlins Stadium scars are still fresh and deep.

The Dolphins will find out Wednesday if they've been chosen as a finalist. If they are, they can begin preparing a bid. And the whole issue of Ross' public funded fix-up will likely rear its ugly head again. Wheeee!

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