Dolphins Coach Brian Flores Lost His Mind After Officials Handed Jets the Win

Brian Flores on the sidelines at Hard Rock Stadium earlier this year.
Brian Flores on the sidelines at Hard Rock Stadium earlier this year. Photo by Eric Espada / Getty Images
The 2019 Miami Dolphins season was, for all intents and purposes, long over before yesterday's loss to the New York Jets. But don't tell that to Fins head coach Brian Flores, who was BIG MAD after a late pass-interference call handed the Jets a 22-21 win.

Initially, there wasn't a flag called on the play, meaning the Jets would face fourth down and 17 yards well out of field-goal range with the Dolphins up 21-19. The officials decided to review the play, however, and changed their minds.

During the review and after the winning field goal, Flores proceeded to blow a gasket. If a child is hovering over your shoulder while reading this article, now might be the time to ask for a glass of water.

After the game, Flores was in no mood to talk about the controversial "horseshit" call. Additionally, cornerback Nik Needham, who drew the penalty, had few words for the call that gave the Jets an automatic first down and new life on the game-winning drive.
Anyone who thinks the Dolphins coaching staff and players are in the business of throwing football games in the name of tanking hasn't been paying attention this season. But yesterday was the most glaring example of how much these seemingly meaningless games mean to the Fins' first-year coach and his hodgepodge roster. With that being said, the 3-9 Dolphins' loss to the 4-8 Jets means Miami has all but assured itself a Top 10 draft pick, likely ahead of the now 5-8 Jets.

Nonetheless, losing to the New York Jets always sucks. It hurts even more when the officials hand it to them.
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