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Miami Dolphins Draft Dion Jordan, And No One Knows If He's Going To Be Any Good

The Dolphins supposedly really, really, ridiculously wanted Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan. So they traded down from the 12th spot to the 3rd spot, swapping picks with the Oakland Raiders, and also handing over their 42nd overall pick for the right to take Jordan.

And while nobody really knows if a player will be any good, because it's all subjective and guesswork and crossing-of-fingers, the consensus seems to be that Jordan is a boom or bust player.

Meaning, the Dolphins may have just drafted the next Jason Taylor, or the next Cedric Jones.

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper has a lot of questions about Jordan, namely about his size and strength.:

"At less than 250 pounds, can he hold up at the point of attack?" Kiper said. "Can he be a down guy against power tackles in the NFL?"

Jon Gruden was critical of Jordan, which is alarming because Gruden NEVER has anything negative to say about anybody:

"I'm shocked by this pick," he said. "He plays six plays, he's out six plays. When you watch Jordan play 70 snaps in an NFL game, that will be first time you ever seen him do it. He's narrow. He's got a shoulder problem. There's a lot of unknown right now."


But then there's NFL Network NFL Wizard Mike Mayock, who thinks Jordan can be the next Jason Taylor, or Demarcus Ware if he can pound down a shitload of tacos, bacon and milkshakes:

"He's got the potential to be Jason Taylor. He's breathtaking off the edge," Mayock said. "If he puts 20 pounds on that 6-7 frame, someday he might even be a DeMarcus Ware. He's got that edge speed. The motor is excellent. At Oregon, they even put him over the slot and had him disrupt the slot in pass coverage."

The overall feeling on Jordan, before and after the Dolphins essentially used two picks to draft him, is that he's crazy fast, but small. He has a smallish frame and wasn't very strong in college -- which is why we're getting all these Jason Taylor comparisons. There's also the feeling that he's a long-term project (like Ryan Tannehill was coming out last year), and that it'll take time to see what the Dolphins have in him.

But, again, he's crazy fast in the open field, which could have him play some linebacker. And it would behoove the Dolphins to use Jordan to cover tight ends from time to time, seeing how tight ends are the new offensive weapon du-jour for teams lately -- especially the New England Patriots, who currently have roughly 8,309 tight ends on their roster.

Many have said that this might be GM Jeff Ireland's last go-round with the team if Miami ends up with yet another mediocre finish and fail to make the playoffs. Which is why he went fucking bonkers during free agency, throwing money around like a hip hop artist at a strip club.

Ironically, if it does take Jordan as long as they're saying it'll take him to become a star, Ireland might not even be around to enjoy it.

Either way, Dion Jordan is your 2013 first-round draft pick, Dolphins fans.


Or... condolences?

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