Miami Dolphins Entire Season of Inanity Encapsulated in First Drive of Sunday's Game

The Miami Dolphins are once again the mediocre soul-swallowing suck monster we've come to know them as thanks to a 41-13 shellacking at the hands of division rival New England Patriots.

Ryan Tanehill was inconsistent (SHOCKING!), the offensive line terrible (NOOO), the defense abysmal (WHAAAT) and Joe Philbin clueless (YOU DON'T SAY).

And the end result is the Dolphins yet again missing the playoffs and yet again finishing a season being nothing more than a mediocre football team that can sometimes pull off a nice win, as long as the team they beat sucks more than they do.

Yet you really didn't have to watch the whole game to figure that out. In fact, you could have just ignored the entire regular season and still know just how mediocre this team is by simply watching the very first drive by the Dolphins offense.

Here's the 2014 Dolphins in a nutshell (or, the five plays of the first drive)

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Chris Joseph
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