Dolphins Ran Greatest Trick Play in NFL History for Surprising Win

The fake was a momentous play not only for the Miami Dolphins but also for humankind.
The fake was a momentous play not only for the Miami Dolphins but also for humankind. Photo by Michael Reaves / Getty Image
There are run-of-the-mill trick plays that NFL teams use to catch their opponents off-guard; then there are trick plays that make you question whether you're living in a simulation and perhaps science coupled with ingenuity is the only way humans will continue to flourish once the robots take over.

Yesterday the Miami Dolphins gave us all a glimpse of what the NFL will look like once Skynet becomes self-aware. When the days of a real-life Terminator situation occur, our only hope of a Super Bowl victory will be punter-to-kicker trick plays like the beauty the Dolphins dialed up against the Eagles in Miami's improbable yet totally deserved 37-31 win.

To recap: The Dolphins did something awesome the NFL had never seen and won a football game. If you haven't put up your Christmas tree yet, now is the time, because it's a true Christmas miracle on these Hard Rock Stadium streets.

Behold, a glimpse into an NFL future only your great-great-grandchildren will witness: An extremely tricky play referred to in 2019 only as the "swinging gate" will undoubtedly be a routine "1-0-1-1-0-1-0-0-0-1" in 2089.
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FAKE FIELD GOAL ???? Watch the game on FOX.

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When you know the fake is going to work ????

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Mission accomplished. The only thing missing from this trick play is a video of the NASA control room celebrating afterward. It was truly a momentous play not only for the Miami Dolphins but also for humankind. When the time comes to save the NFL, this play will be the cornerstone of the team's offensive game plan.

The Dolphins are scheduled to take on their former head coach Adam Gase and the New York Jets on Monday Night Football December 8. If the rest of the world is smart, they'll tune in to see the Dolphins unleash another play they plucked off Mars with a rover. 
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